American Hartford Gold and Rosland Capital, Which Firm is Best?

American Hartford Gold and Rosland Capital stand out as two prominent investment firms in the United States that can offer precious metal investments, and choosing between the two can be daunting for newcomers to the field of precious metal investment. To assist those making an informed decision between American Hartford Gold and Rosland Capital when diversifying their portfolio with precious metals investments. This article offers an in-depth comparison between their offerings, reputation, and customer experiences to make your selection process simpler.


American Hartford Gold:

Established with a mission of equipping investors with means to safeguard their wealth against economic uncertainties, American Hartford Gold is a family-owned company which specializes in physical gold and silver investments such as bullion bars and coins as well as gold IRA services.

Rosland Capital: Rosland Capital was established in 2008, offering an expansive variety of precious metal investments such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They also provide precious metal-backed IRAs - like American Hartford Gold's offerings.


American Hartford Gold is best known for selling gold and silver coins and bars; while Rosland Capital provides more diverse products like coins, bars and numismatic products in form of coins and bars containing these metals; also available are gold IRA options to store your funds safely away in one account.

Both companies provide gold IRA services that enable individuals to diversify their retirement portfolio with precious metals. Reputation: Both firms enjoy strong renown in providing these services.

Industry Recognition

American Hartford Gold is recognized for providing superior customer service, earning numerous accolades, and maintaining an A rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Rosland Capital maintains a prominent industry presence while simultaneously earning high ratings with Better Business Bureau, becoming widely known for their celebrity-backed ads and customer satisfaction surveys.

Customer Feedback

American Hartford Gold typically receives positive comments for customer service as well as educational resources provided.

Rosland Capital received mixed customer reviews, with some customers noting pricing and transparency issues. By comparison, American Hartford Gold offers more competitive pricing with no hidden costs attached.

Rosland Capital has come under scrutiny by customers due to their pricing structure, which they view as less transparent.

Education and Resources

American Hartford Gold offers extensive educational resources for investors including its comprehensive guide on precious metal investment.

Rosland Capital provides educational resources with less emphasis than American Hartford Gold; on the other hand, American Hartford Gold stands out by offering personalized and attentive customer service.

Rosland Capital provides adequate customer service; however, reviews regarding their efforts vary considerably.


American Hartford Gold and Rosland Capital both possess their own distinct advantages. If investors seek a wider selection of precious metals including platinum and palladium, Rosland Capital may be superior; on the other hand, when customer service, educational resources, and pricing transparency are top of mind American Hartford Gold may prove superior.

Due diligence should always be completed when investing, and prospective investors should evaluate each company in relation to their personal investment goals and preferences. Consulting a financial advisor for customized advice tailored specifically towards individual circumstances is always wise advice. For further information, visit the Rare metal blog page.